A cursory look around www.magazineart.org, as pointed out at Boing Boing, shows standards in decorative art have not changed much in the last 150 years, which makes me wonder whether such standards have changed much at all. Does decorative art relate to popular culture, in the sense of making its effects intentionally superficial and immediately accessible?

The One Percent idea: phrases. It’s hyper-, supra-, infra- and metapolitical.

Quickly looking over Whiskey Bar’s economic analysis, it seems worth understanding; it’s an excellent focus, if nothing else. If I understood its points, I would understand the U.S. contemporary political and economic status a whole lot better. Hmm.

It is not enough to opt out politically, partly because it is not even possible. Instead, it is important to alter. In “Archaïscher Torso Apollos” Rilke says “Du mußt dein Leben ändern.” You must change your life.


I should get a bicycle. Not only should I get a bicycle, I should learn How-Stuff-Works-style thoroughly how it works. The chainless bike at Cool Tools does look cool, but comments like these make me wary. Along with a bicycle, I should think about other efficient stuff, such as lights, and MetaFilter came through with a referral to Reactual, a meta-efficiency site.

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