Open in Tabs is Broken in Safari 1.3 

Talked about at http://discussions.info.apple.com/webx?14@586.IHqhaIg1Qin.0@.68ac46ef/ and in this long comments thread at Dave Hyatt’s Surfin’ Safari, now in Safari 1.3 when “Open in Tabs” is checked for a Bookmark, all of the subfolders inside that Bookmark folder are opened. If you organize your Bookmarks with subfolders, you’re probably already upset that you can’t get those subfolders to open their contents in tabs, but you never dreamed (“you” here is code for “I”) anybody would make all the tabs in all the subfolders open, because it’s . . . well, it’s useless to do. I have a Bookmark called Keep Up! that contains subfolders called From Time to Time and References and For Possible Purchase, et cetera, as well as containing specific bookmarked sites such as Google News, Slashdot, Gmail, and my Furl archive, which I check a few times each day. The subfolders contain several hundred sites that I tend to check monthly or less often. Now upon clicking once, several hundred tabs open, which pretty much requires that I shut down the browser to fix.

Well, actually, after shutting down the browser a couple of times, I just unchecked “Open in Tabs” and shuffled a bunch of subfolders into new places, grousing all the while, awaiting a fix from on high.

I’m posting this mostly because Dave Hyatt wants trackbacks instead of comments regarding people’s problems. (Also, Gabe’s sick of reading about ghetto mochas every frickin’ day. No comment about the punctuation situation, nosirree, not from me, huh-uh.)

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