Now for the dates. Apparently I can't get a leading zero for the 10,000-year rollover, so the date reads, left to right, 2004 (the Gregorian year) 02 (the numeric month, in this case, February) 21 (the numeric day). That leading zero is important, so the date should read 020040221, but none of the template-designers at Blogger believe the current civilization's bloggers will last 8,000 more years, so they've skimped on the digit. Y10K'll catch 'em with their pants down, fo' sho'. The Long Now leading zero came to my attention via Bruce Sterling and the Viridian folks, but it's not catching on very quickly, which I guess goes along with its whole way of thinking, really.

Oddly, Wood's Lot came to my attention because it's one of the only sites Google returns in a search for "long now" and "five digit year"; at Wood's Lot, you have to scroll down quite a bit to see the brief entry (or Find "long now" on the page), just a link to Long Now, but Wood's Lot's worth checking out on its own.

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