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Now I’m looking—in Outlook—at the phrase “in Outlook” between two em dashes, which is as it should be. What I want to know is, will Mail recognize them as em dashes? If Mail won’t, I’ll need to figure out some way to indicate em dashes as I write that will still convert into actual HTML em dashes using Textile, as well as be readable pre-conversion to Diurnalis on the iMac. (A couple of other things I need to learn: type one space at the end of sentences and before full colons. It’s a typographic standard. Fixed-width fonts on old typewriters were the bugbear that caused the double-space post-sentence phenomenon, no longer necessary, and needing to be unlearned. And another thing: how am I going to get that currency symbol (¤) to show up? Voodoo? What about the multiplication sign (×) or scientifically notated numbers (e.g., 1.657 × 10-24) with exponents intact?

This stuff is all displaying correctly in Outlook.

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