Part of the plan—and it’s admittedly half-assed—now involves writing these Outlook Musings in a Textile-convertible format, so words I emphasize get before-and-after single-space underlines, as “emphasize” just did; special characters such as the currency symbol (¤) or the multiplication sign (×) appear thus, using Microsoft Word as my email editor, since Outlook on its own refuses to countenance such high-tech tomfoolery; and superscripts (1.4 × 1015) or subscripts (H2O) do likewise.

My section divider (see above) is an em dash on its own line; it may morph into the more traditional §, should a need arise.

I’ve abandoned tabbed indents for individual paragraphs, as Textile and HTML more generally seem not to understand them, going with blank lines as separators for some reason, perhaps web-based readability? Dunno.

David Pescovitz is one of the digerati, or at least among the folks who comprise that terrific entity, the blogosphere, and he writes about some stuff that interests me, such as memory habits passively monitored.

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