Last night (this morning) just after 02:00 hours, Kristian and I finished copy-editing the index to Our Enemies in Blue. One more once-over for the single-page entries and it’ll be ready to send back to the publisher.

Sven and Gretchin are back from Burning Man; Sven sounds okay-happy-enough about it.

Anybody who reads MetaFilter or Caoine.org probably saw the AudioStreet.net member who made a cover of George W. Bush doing U2’s “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” (direct link to an MP3 at ca.lcul.us). It’s really ridiculously good.

Also, if the people who downloaded Fredo’s “Sad Song” are not already aware, and if they’re reading this (you know who you are), the guy got totally swamped with a US$4,800 bandwidth bill from his ISP because of our downloads, and really we ought to help the guy out, if we can (his account is fredo-at-aviola.com with an @ for the “at”).

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