Today I signed everything with the wrong date, except this entry (I was signing as if it were August 4—how lame is that? Wrong day, future; wrong month, past). Maybe I can plead overnight Greyhound travel lag, having left San Francisco at 20:30 yesterday and arrived in Portland this afternoon at 13:55, some hour and forty minutes later than scheduled.

Tonight in a push I will watch the final six episodes of Buffy to finish the seventh season, all that remains, after I visit the Fresh Pot for the first time in many, many days.

Tomorrow I will help Kristian complete the index to Our Enemies in Blue.
Sunday I'll upgrade to OS 10.3.4 at last.

A U.S. Bank credit card now absorbs any fees I incur from overdrawing my checking account.

My move-in date is 020041001 at the Weidler apartment.

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