Got a writing date at Sven’s tomorrow morning. I want to write about Hours, which is the combination time-education-community idea. It has elements of «”The Time of Your Life”» essay and of the One Percent idea. It also has some of an idea about education, self-education, and mutual-education I thought about a couple of years ago, a sort of directed project, tutorials, modules, whatever.

Kottke links to Tom Coates’ interesting-looking site Plasticbag.org, which referred me to atomiq.org by talking about folksonomies, which apparently are ad hoc, bottom-up taxonomies of knowledge. The idea is, people tag some datum with a label, those labels are aggregated somehow for many data, and the data then become more easily searchable by way of the tags. The models are services I’m unfamiliar with as yet, such as Flickr and del.icio.us, but which seem extremely cool. Atomiq.com linked to Thomas Vander Wal’s site, and I spent a few minutes poking around. He’s using the tags and noting them at the bottom of blog entries, so Feed on This is tagged with the labels

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for example. I think I can get the hang of this, but does it look enough like the future to bother? Maybe it does.

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