And We're In! 

An important thing I've learned about editing: Any time the printer or network or whatever you're trying to use to do something doesn't work correctly the first time (which means, the way you expected it to work) you will spend a minimum of ONE HOUR (did you hear that? I said a MINIMUM of ONE HOUR) making the not-working element work. If anything else goes wrong during the making-it-work phase, you will spend another MINIMUM HOUR troubleshooting. If you are unsuccessful at the two-hour mark, that is, if you have not been able to make your desired element behave as you had expected it would behave when you began, I think you had best reconsider what exactly it was you wanted to get done, and whether what you have been attempting to make work has been contributing——. . . .

Here I was cut off by the inscrutable yet implacable forces of circumstance, those buggers. Viruses? Possible eating of memory by clipboards in MS Excel running under Classic emulation in OS X 10.2.8? Scanning .doc files for possible macro viruses? Oh, yes, these things and more we will not discuss here. Also, we will not discuss contracts or collation of contracts, but we will note our approval of the first person plural mode of address.

And we will sign off on this, our first post from our own iMac in our new house and job, with the fond hope that we may continue to post new and exciting information here at the Improv in future. Go along with you, you liked it!

Sounds like a tough day. Hope tomorrow goes better. But am glad to hear your computer arrived.
my tolerance for troubleshooting has rapidly diminished due to these observations, which i can vehemenently verify. :P

we shudder to think what the first person plural mode of address means for us. we -did- like it! not that we'd want it all the time, mind you.
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