Ghetto? Well, technically, no. And not really mocha, either. 

I am drinking what must be known forevermore as a “ghetto mocha”. Its name gives it away, but in case you lack sufficient imagination to put it together, allow me to illustrate. Okay, you begin with Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix. You could use some off-brand crappy hot chocolate mix, sure, but Swiss Miss is even less cool than those, so you go with her. Then, and this is key, you take coffee that was brewed more than several hours ago, preferably something off the shelf from a grocery store (MJB, Folgers, whatever), and you reheat it in a microwave. The next step is the genius part. You put the Swiss Miss into the now-hot coffee. You see? You see how this works? Many people feel they have invented the ghetto mocha, but clearly such a thing exists in an ideal form à la Plato; hence, no inventing this sucka, only discovery.

Have fun, and remember to stir all the gritty bits into the liquid before drinking. A crust of gritty bits on the rim indicates you have failed to perform your ghetto mocha with its deserved gravitas.

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